Introduction of Unity Asset or technical stuff will be written.

Unity Asset Camera Path Animator + Easy Airplane Path Script

This time we will introduce Camera Path Animator and Easy Airplane Path

It is like that.

Roughly speaking, it expresses the motion of the camera using Bezier curves and curves.

I actually use it for VR projects.

It becomes an asset you want to use when you want to express the image.

It seems to be compatible with PlayMaker, but it is recommended as it can be designed intuitively.

That is the explanation of Camera Path Animator.

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Also, if you wish to follow what you move with the subject,

Together, you should use Easy Airplane Path.

There is something similar to Free here, but I will introduce it with ease.

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This is a demonstration of WebGL format.

Camera Path Animator Basic Example WebGL Demo

It is WebPlayer format. (Be careful with the security if you look at it.)

AirplanePath Sample Scene