Introduction of Unity Asset or technical stuff will be written.

Unity Asset A* Pathfinding Project 4.0

As I mentioned earlier * A * Pathfinding Project 3.x series

There was a major update, it became 4.0.

As an eyebrow of this time, it seems that emphasis is placed on speeding up and multithreading of scanning.

Originally, even for heavyweight terrain, the 3.x series was a tremendous scanning, but

It is getting much faster.

【Author blog】 – Game Development with Unity 3D

Currently 3.x series are missing from the asset store, can not buy new.

Unity Subscription In the URL of the Asset Kit of Pro Benefit,

That's why the link is off.

The Unity 3d formula even handled Navmesh procedurally

Still, as a route search this asset is excellent.

In particular, you do not need to buy it if you are not troubled by the official Navmesh.

If it takes time to bake Navmesh etc., it may be bought.

Those who want to know the reason of A * are uploaded to Youtube as a foreign movie as a movie, so I think that it is good to think by themselves as a reference.