Introduction of Unity Asset or technical stuff will be written.

Unity Asset 紹介 Photon PUN+ | Bolt

This time we will introduce Photon PUN +.

This asset,

The communication part of MMORPG can be made with up to 100 simultaneous connections.

As an actual procedure, I have to write a script

There are frequent updates, and it is renewed from time to time.

When I bought it, when I tell you that I bought it in e-mail in Japanese

We increased the number of simultaneous users to 100 people.

It seems that it is also used for the title of the major company.

Photon 公式

Photon, Unity, Networking チュートリアル

Then there are other assets and there is Photon Bolt,

This is to make an online game by communicating with P2P.

I also tried making it with reference to the tutorial

This person was easy to use without limitation.

Photon Bolt チュートリアル



1. Unity Tutorial - Creating A Multiplayer game with Photon Unity Network (PUN)