Introduction of Unity Asset or technical stuff will be written.

Unity Asset 紹介:NGUI

In this time I would like to introduce NGUI of Unity Asset who you know.

As an introduction of the producer,

Once it is a creator who has become an employee of the Unity head office.

It is said to be the prototype of uGUI now.

Also, there are plenty of NGUI plugins, so we can do something funny.

Since NGUI is not selling internally when it is recently, as for the plug - in target

If it is for people who want to make a game, they may be better to purchase.




I have a plugin, there is one with a mini map display

We also support terrain and procedural (auto-generated) maps.

It is called NJG MiniMap.


It is uGUI asset here as it goes with the mini map

This is also recommended.