Introduction of Unity Asset or technical stuff will be written.


【Unity Assets】Ai 【3D Model】

3D characters who are likely to like Japanese people are on sale. It seems that you can play an active part in animation and games! Ai There are other 3D models in past articles.

Unity Asset Bird Flock Animation

What I will introduce this time will be an asset called Bird Flock. It becomes an asset that can produce a county set of birds. The Bundle version will be a higher version. How about making visuals and directing? Even in RPG and games, if …

Unity Asset Cute 3D Model

This time, we are introducing 3D model characters. After searching, I introduced it because it was cute. There is one animation. We are currently in a big sale. Purchase until 4/30! Ai Hoshi HaraDemon Eri Kazuko Riko

Unity Asset 紹介 アーネット・ディル

This time we will introduce the 3D model character Arnette Dill. If you can watch a movie, I guess you know what kind of character it is It is a high-quality character. There is also plenty of animation, let me feel a certain female charac…