Introduction of Unity Asset or technical stuff will be written.


Unity Asset Bird Flock Animation

What I will introduce this time will be an asset called Bird Flock. It becomes an asset that can produce a county set of birds. The Bundle version will be a higher version. How about making visuals and directing? Even in RPG and games, if …

Unity Asset Cute 3D Model

This time, we are introducing 3D model characters. After searching, I introduced it because it was cute. There is one animation. We are currently in a big sale. Purchase until 4/30! Ai Hoshi HaraDemon Eri Kazuko Riko

Unity Asset 紹介 アーネット・ディル

This time we will introduce the 3D model character Arnette Dill. If you can watch a movie, I guess you know what kind of character it is It is a high-quality character. There is also plenty of animation, let me feel a certain female charac…