Introduction of Unity Asset or technical stuff will be written.

【50% OFF】Match 3 Jelly Garden Complete Project 【Unity Asset】


Currently, it is 50% off at weekly sale. I purchased it two or three years ago, but it works properly.

As Free Aspect makes a display strange, You can see it by setting the resolution of the Game view to the resolution corresponding to the smartphone For the time being, I could see it properly when I set it to 1125 x 2001. It is fascinating to be habit. I hope the music is heartwarming. I feel nostalgic as the falling sound hears the sound of flipping the magic.


現在、ウィークリーセールで50% OFFです。 2~3年前購入したものですが、ちゃんと動きますね。

Free Aspectだと表示がおかしくなるので、 Gameビューの解像度をスマホ対応の解像度にすれば見れます とりあえず、1125 x 2001にしたらちゃんと見えました。 くせになる面白さです。 音楽もほのぼのしてていいです。 落ちてくる音がおはじきを飛ばしてる音に聞こえてくるので懐かしさを感じます。



Unity Asset Nodebase Modeling Archimatix Pro Sale



It is an asset of an editor extension that can be modeled on a node basis.

3ds Max of the 3D tool also has similar plugins

Here too, you can model nodes by connecting nodes.

It can also be prefabricated, because the defoamers have arrived at standard, you can model with various parameters and make it on Unity.


1. After downloading the asset, go to Window-> Archmatix-> Graph Editor and activate the editor.



2. This kind of graph editor will be launched.

The icon on the left is the primitive etc., the icon on the right is the deformer and various deformation nodes.



3. Click on the primitive from the left to display it on the window.

From the node click on the output which is written a little out of the frame and draw a curve.

You can put it directly on the icon on the right or you can connect it after clicking on it.



4. I tried extrusion.


5. I tried connecting rotating deformers.

I will look at the preview.


6. Naruto has come around perfectly.




It is very interesting and you can play by repeatedly disconnecting and connecting various nodes.
I am expecting the updater of the future author.

As a private individual, try trial and error to make a modern building group.

Unity Asset Bird Flock Animation

What I will introduce this time will be an asset called Bird Flock.

It becomes an asset that can produce a county set of birds.

The Bundle version will be a higher version.

How about making visuals and directing?

Even in RPG and games, if the birds are flocking over the sky, the production effect will increase.



Unity Asset Camera Path Animator + Easy Airplane Path Script

This time we will introduce Camera Path Animator and Easy Airplane Path

It is like that.

Roughly speaking, it expresses the motion of the camera using Bezier curves and curves.

I actually use it for VR projects.

It becomes an asset you want to use when you want to express the image.

It seems to be compatible with PlayMaker, but it is recommended as it can be designed intuitively.

That is the explanation of Camera Path Animator.

In case

Also, if you wish to follow what you move with the subject,

Together, you should use Easy Airplane Path.

There is something similar to Free here, but I will introduce it with ease.

In case

In case

This is a demonstration of WebGL format.

Camera Path Animator Basic Example WebGL Demo

It is WebPlayer format. (Be careful with the security if you look at it.)

AirplanePath Sample Scene